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International Conference Vishwa Swasthyam 2024, Prediabetes to Diabetes
– A Trajectory of concern.

Our cofounder and clinical nutritionist Ms. Purwa Duggal was invited for a power talk on “Dietary behaviours & Prediabetes” at the International Conference Vishwa Swasthyam 2024, Prediabetes to Diabetes – A Trajectory of concern organised by Lifeness Science Institute on 5 th & 6 th January, 2024. In view of emerging trends in fad diets as super diets for disease control, she shared her expertise on Intermittent fasting, with reference to

  • Intermittent diet as a fad diet
  • Suitability for all age groups and
  • Whether Intermittent fasting could be prescribed as a one stop solution to prevent diabetes.

Nutrition Workshop at Fazlani L Globale – 25 th January 2023.

A workshop on nutrition life skills was conducted by our cofounder and clinical expert Ms.Purwa Duggal, for grade 11 IB students on January 25 th , 2023.

The purpose of this workshop was to equip students with the required knowledge for making the right food choices, for promoting overall physical and mental well being. The modules for the workshop were designed in view of the emerging disease and health trends, presently seen amongst the adolescents.

The workshop entailed three modules:

  • 1. Emotional eating
  • 2. Diet and Lifestyle Solutions for Polycystic Ovarian Disease
  • 3. Practical aspects in selecting Health Foods – Visit to Food Hall at Palladium

The format for nutrition education combined theory and practical. Tasks were designed to encourage active participation of all. The session concluded with empowering students with the required knowledge and skills for making healthy food and beverage choices.

Go Red For Dyslexia Campaign

Dyslexia Awareness Month – October 2021

October is globally celebrated as the dyslexia awareness month. We, at Katalystt participated in the campaign to raise awareness of dyslexia and the power of literacy. We believe in raising greater awareness of dyslexia and support strategies, advocate for wider diagnosis to help reduce the stigma associated with it.

Our Co-founder Purwa Duggal felicitated by the Indian Dietetic Association for her valuable contribution.

Dietary Practise Considerations in Anxiety, Depression & ADHD

Our Co-founder Purwa Duggal was invited by IAPEN Mumbai chapter for a webinar to share her expertise on Dietary Practise Considerations in Anxiety, Depression & ADHD which was attended by over 180 participants. Good mental health is integral to living a healthy balanced life. Our mental health is responsible for how we think, feel and behave each day. Making the right nutritional choices can impact our mental health. A healthy wholesome diet comprising of whole grains with plenty of fruits and vegetables have been found to be associated with lower incidence of depression and anxiety. This is because what we put on our plate serves as a raw material for our neurotransmitters responsible for signal transmissions. Compromising on healthy stuff indirectly results in compromising our potentials. Hence, both quality – quantity along with gut health are important for ensuring the desired health.

Coping with Unlock Worries

Going back to Life in Covid

The webinar conducted for the students of Jai Hind College focused on the new reforms that would be required in the new life after lockdown. Practical solutions were imparted to the students to ready them for this “New Normal”. Emphasis was laid on enhancing self-care skills through building the Adversity Quotient (AQ), Social Quotient (SQ) & Emotional Quotient (EQ) and soft skills for better presentation of self for future growth. The importance of adopting a RULER approach and building resilience was highlighted to ready the self for this unforseen future. The students found the webinar very helpful to cope with the situation and the challenges that come with it.

Empowering Teens with Mindful Tools

The workshop was designed for grade10 students of Fazlani L'Academie Globale with an aim to address student well-being. With a growing focus to help students succeed in life, the program used scientifically proven mindful tools to enhance life skills, time management, stress management and test taking skills. The session was interactive, fun-filled, activity based and designed to impart techniques that would help the students realm benefits in terms of self-regulation, increase self-awareness, enhance focus and performance.

Learning Disabilities and Dermatoglyphics

This talk was designed for a group of Dermatoglyphics analysts to create awareness on Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders. The team was given insight on how the symptoms present themselves in the early years of a child's life and impact learning, social and emotional development. Additional insight was shared on how the innate traits present differently in the case of special needs individuals.