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Ms. Reetu was very patient, informative and very analytical. She just not discharges her professional delivery but involves you & herself in interpreting the results to a common understanding.

- Ashok Chhattaraj

It has been an eye opener for me in many ways for my daughter's strength and weaknesses. I am so glad I got the test done and now can take better decisions for her.

- Kashish Vaswani

The tests "revealed my child's traits, as I see in her. I got clarity towards career choices and the path we are currently on."

- Rajinder Kaur Vijan

The Counselling sessions were "very effective & helpful to cope with the stress."

- Aanchal

Was really waiting for the reports ad it was fun to know things and we also understood where we need to work on our child. it will surely help us bring her up better. There is a feeling of pride, excitement and we were explained the detailed report too well.

- Rahul kapoor

The results of the Psycho-educational report were "accurate and well explained. Considerate and at the same time assertive to create better results."

- Kabir Sadanand

An eye opener for both of us, surprised to know about our personality and inner potential. Now I feel confident about myself & know my weaknesses and surely would work to overcome and become a better person.

- Shabana Khatib

All in all my anxiety has definitely gone down & the weekly sessions do give me a sense of calm and comfort.I'm really happy to have someone like Malini help me through my issues.

- Thomas Zacharias

The overall service quality and promptness of sessions was excellent. She always gave motivational tips and timely guidance that helped me achieve my goal.

- R.Unnikrishnan

I Highly impressive and would like every parent and student to once do this session

- Jasmita Mhatre

I was very happy with the customized diet plan catering to each individual needs. Everything,their promptness of sessions,guidance and communication from time to time was excellent

- Pranjal Kudav

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